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Contact a DBA

Service Requests
Current customers can contact Database Administrators for requests or questions by sending an email to or going to the footprints ticket website. This will create a request in our ticketing system and a Database Administrator will respond within 4 business hours.

Urgent Incidents
If you have a production problem during your supported hours and need to have a DBA respond as soon as possible, please call the Service Desk at x2-8500. If your support hours include hours when the Service Desk is not staffed, please select the "mainframe security accounts or questions" menu from the voice tree at x2-8500. A cell number will be provided for you to leave an "off hour" message. A service desk employee will call you back and notify a DBA.

It is helpful to open a ticket with any supporting information as well (see service requests above).

New Customers
See Getting Started with Database Services.