PostgreSQL Service



The PostgreSQL service provides a PostgreSQL server (or "instance") for client use. PostgreSQL (or simply "Postgres") is an open source, object-relational database system that has the features of traditional proprietary database systems with many enhancements found in next-generation DBMS systems.

It places a keen emphasis on extensibility and standards-compliance. PostgreSQL evolved from the Ingres project at UC Berkeley, and was released into the wild in 1989.

This service includes 3 environments for development, quality assurance, and production (DEV/QA/PROD).

Standard Support is included with the service and Extended Support may be purchased as an add-on to our standard service.

Standard SLA link:

Standard SLA

Extended SLA link:

Extended SLA

Available to:

Department, UCOP, other UCs


Standard: $331/month. Includes 10 GB of storage.

Extended: $727/month. Includes 10 GB of storage.

The PostgreSQL Standard includes:

  • Dev, QA and Prod Environments
  • Hosted on VM servers running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system on an ESX cluster in the Windows Service Cloud.
  • PostGreSQL 9.X
  • 4 Hours consulting
    • initial database configuration
    • integration into the technology stack
    • year-long support for simple tickets and questions
  • Standard Production support Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (excluding holidays)
  • Extended Production support is 7x24x365
  • Additional database administration support is available to customers at the rate of $126/hour.
  • 10GB of storage is included with the service. Additional storage with backups may be purchased in 5GB increments for $3.60/month/5GB. (This is high tier, SSD storage hosted on a PureStorage SAN array.)